PlexObject Solutions, Inc. is a software development and consulting company based in Seattle area. Our products target both consumer and business markets. We also provide consulting service for designing and developing high performance enterprise systems. Our solutions use open source and freely available technologies such as Java, Ruby, Apache and MySQL under Linux platforms.


You can download a number of developer kits and tools both commercial and free.free. These toolkits allow you to rapidly develop applications that require security, global or cryptography needs.

Passion Portfolio

Passion Portfolio is a simulated stock trading game where players trade stocks based on their passions. When a player join Passion Portfolio, he/she receives $10,000 virtual cash for buying stocks. The player then defines his/her passions such as hobbies, profession, causes, etc. The Passion Portfolio games then searches public companies that match users' passions and adds those companies to their favorite list. Each day, the players are awarded free stocks from one of the company that matched their passions.

PlexGlobe for Android

PlexGlobe toolkit that includes international clocks, calendars, and other tools PlexGlobe is a global toolkit that includes:
  • World clocks in analog and digital format
  • International calendars including Gregorian, Buddhist, Chinese, Coptic, Hebrew, Indian, Islamic, Japanese and Persian
  • World holidays
  • Solar and Lunar times for local and international cities
  • Currency conversion
  • Weather for local and international cities
  • Time zone and calendar conversions
  • Manage events and tasks in international calendars

iPlexTrader Pro

iPlexTrader Pro is a ad-free version of iPlexTrader that allows player to trade stocks in virtual stock market and adds a number of features such as Game Center support and Around Me Companies.


PlexLotto comes with tools to generate lottery numbers via full/abbreviated wheeling, smart picks, dozens of charts/reports and filters. .


PlexGlobe allows user to view time and calendar for any part of the world. It supports Gregorian, Islamic, Buddhist, Japanese and Hebrew Calendars. It allows date/time conversion between different parts of the world. It provides real-time conversion rates for international currencies. It provides major holidays for any country of the world. It provides sunset/sunrise for any part of the world. It provides language translation. It provides schedule and tasks list alert. Also, it provides stop-watch. It supports Atomic clock based on NTP protocol. It provides prayer schedule and qibla direction for muslims. .