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April 10, 2012 - PlexGlobe for Android

PlexObject Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce PlexGlobe for Android, which you can dowload it from Marketplace. It is a global toolkit that includes:

  • World clocks in analog and digital format
  • International calendars including Gregorian, Buddhist, Chinese, Coptic, Hebrew, Indian, Islamic, Japanese and Persian
  • World holidays
  • Solar and Lunar times for local and international cities
  • Currency conversion
  • Weather for local and international cities
  • Time zone and calendar conversions
  • Countdown to any date in past or future
  • Stop watch
  • Gregorian/Julian conversion
  • Manage events and tasks in international calendars
  • Alarms

March 11, 2011 - PlexLotto for iOS

PlexObject Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce PlexLotto for iOS, which you can dowload it from App Store. Following are major features of the application:

  • generate lottery picks manually or with random quick picks
  • manage picks for any number of lotteries
  • automatic downloads of winning numbers
  • highlighting of Matching Picks in the Drawings
  • search and display winning numbers
  • filter winning numbers that match your picks
  • a number of statistics charts and tables such as Number Freq, Pair/Triple Freq, Odd-Even, Low-High, Consecutive, Sum of Digits,Last Digit, Sum of Numbers, Range of Numbers, etc.
  • Instructions on how to play the lotteries
  • Latest lottery news
  • geo-location search for lotteries that show supported lotteries close to your location
  • push alerts for new winning numbers
  • hundreds of lotteries from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Britain (UK), Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and United States.

Sep 3, 2011 - iPlexTrader for iOS

The iPlexTrader Pro is a social game based on auction-styled stock trading where you trade virtual stocks and options with your friends and family. Each game lasts for a day, where you join a game as a stock broker with objective of buying stocks at low-price and selling at high-price, thus making most money from the trades. Unlike a real-world stock market, each game is limited to a single exchange, which can be public or private. In addition to trading, the iPlexTrader Pro brings a lot social aspects to the game such as building private exchanges, which can be only joined by your friends and expressing like-ability for a company, which determines a Buzz for the company. Also, the members can view activities for other players in a game, view their gain/loss from the trading, view ranking of the players in terms of gain/loss and comment on their trades. At the end of a game, the top players for each game are awarded badges, which are permanently visible from their profile. Major features include:
  • Build private exchanges and share them with your friends. Each exchange starts a new game every day, which can be joined by you and your friends.
  • Locate public companies around you and trade them
  • Store your favorite companies and you automatically receive stocks and options from a few of those companies.
  • Buy and sell stocks, call options and put options
  • Express likability for the companies, which determines buzz quote value for the company
  • Lookup Quotes, which displays latest market price for the stocks/options in your exchange.
  • Browse or search companies (over 20,000 companies)
  • Browse or search industries and drill into companies that belong to the industry
  • Comment on the trades in the game.
  • Win badges for being top player in the game and view badges earned by other players
  • View latest market news/events from the Quote Lookup screen
  • View your portfolio or portfolio of other players, which shows virtual cash balance, capital gains and stocks/options you hold
  • View activities of other players
  • View order history for all the bids you placed
  • View activities of other players
  • Cancel or edit open orders (that have not been accepted)
  • Browse archived games for any exchange
  • Vote on companies, which determines buzz quote
  • View ranking of players in any game
  • Invite other friends to your game
  • Daily Hot list of companies
  • View Exchange Trends
  • Helpful tips

October 20, 2010 - PlexTask for Java

PlexObject Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce PlexTask desktop app for managing to-do tasks.